The Use of Fish Oil in the Prenatal Period


prenatal-vitamins-dhaMany women use fish oil as the main source of vitamins and minerals before pregnancy period. Mostly, women prefer the use of tablets as the best fish oil supplement. These tablets provide omega 3 fatty acids and other prenatal vitamins which are required for conception and pregnancy support.

Benefits of Fish Oil

  1.  A Boost for FertilityFish oil provides essential fats such as EPA and DHA. These fats enhance the development of the womb and other parts of the uterus. The oil has vitamin E which is considered as the best prenatal vitamin. Vitamin E boosts the conception and pregnancy support
  2. For the Brain Development of the Child

    Preferably, during the third trimester, brain development in the fetus occurs. A mother needs to have a bulk store of omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA, in order to enhance this development. DHA is found in plenty in the fish meat. However, a mother who is not comfortable with eating fish can prefer the use tablets as the best fish oil supplement.

  3. Good Health during Pregnancy

    A mother uses a lot of fats and vitamins during pregnancy. During the fetus development of blood, brain, and other body parts, a lot of vitamins and fats are needed. Also, a mother needs vitamins to maintain her good health as well as to maintain appetite and physicality. Fish oil provides omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins which aid in this role.

    Side Effects of Fish Oil during Prenatal Period

Although fish oil is associated with good health and support during pregnancy, it has some side effects. These side effects can lead to poor health of the mother or the fetus. They include:

1.Fish oil leaves a fishy taste and smell in the mouth. The taste and smell can last for a long time.
2. It also causes stomach upset.
3. One experiences loss of stool.
4. Fish oil can increase nausea feelings during pregnancy.


Fish oil is necessary to regulate body weight. This is necessary during pregnancy and delivery as it improves the ability of the mother to perform physical exercises. You can search for the best fish oil supplement over the internet and other sources.